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ncooper 12-13-2007 07:10 PM

How to level Alice
Hi there.
Our school uses Scratch and we wondered if anyone knew the order it would be best to teach these programs: Alice, Storytelling Alice, Scratch, Starlogo and Starlogo TNG.
It's possible some of the above overlap or are too similar.
Thanks for your help :)

DrJim 12-14-2007 05:38 PM

You don't mention at what level you're teaching - that would make quite a bit of difference. For younger kids, Scratch would clearly be the place to start and also has great support on their web site. If, however, they are bored at that level, the extended commands and 3D options of Alice should hold their interest.

Storytelling Alice really adds some nice features to Alice - but it is a research project, not a fully supported program. If it is compatible with your machines and OS, it would be a nice supplement to Alice. They are similar enough that switching from one to another wouldn't present any great difficulties.

If you are teaching the equivalent of a US Advanced Placement course (i.e., one at the secondary/college credit level for CS), I would recommend starting with a mix of Alice and Java as early as possible - the step from Alice 2.0 to a modern OOP language is a big one. (Alice 3.0 may be better there, but it's some ways off.)

Personally I know nothing about Starlogo and Starlogo TNG. I would suggest searching this forum and the Scratch forum for comments on those programs.

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