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lordbyron3 09-20-2005 09:58 PM

A Twofold question
First: I have 3D Studio Max 6; how do I get objects from it into Alice?
Secondly: Is there any way to do something like a GetAsyncKeyState in Alice? The problem is: we want the user to be able to rotate the camera but not to move the camera. This needs to be fast-paced and smooth. Using the event: when key is pressed does not work because it does not continue running the method if the key is held down.

GetAsyncKeyState is a C++ function that basically gets the key state of a specified key on the board - e.g. if I send it VK_UP as a parameter it returns whether the up arrow key is pressed, or whatever.
Any ideas as to an algorithm for this would be appreciated.

knight199 09-21-2005 12:41 AM

Have you tried using the vehicle command for this
I took the camera and and made the character move with the camera.As for rotation if the character turns the camera will follow.I hope that solves your problem?or at least helps you.What type of game is this for if I might ask?far as I know alice does not use normal bones.I beleive the bones are the object groups themselves tied to one another because if you move a object in alice you can actually take it right off the character.If it is a game I have a health code that you can use if you would like.


gabe 09-26-2005 04:43 PM

We have a new tutorial on how to import 3DS Max objects into Alice up on our [URL=]Alice FAQ[/URL] section.

[URL=]Take a look![/URL]

OmniDistortion 10-08-2005 11:49 AM

As gabe said that short tutorial should explain how to import objects you need. Worked for me! And about the camera... I've noticed input seems to be based on when the user lets go of the key rather than when it is pressed. Was this intentional or a bug? If say in this situation it could be when it is actually pressed down, and if held could continually produce the action desired.

[QUOTE=knight199]If it is a game I have a health code that you can use if you would like.[/QUOTE]

I am interested in this and am curious as to how you created it.

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