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zero00 04-28-2012 09:40 AM

My recent experiments in Sky Warrior
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Now that I have [B]some[/B] free time from school and such, I can work more on Sky Warrior! :D
During this time, I've been experimenting with Sky Warrior's mechanics to make the next one more fun and interesting.
========Experiments===============[list][*][B]Black Hole Death Explosion[/B]: Damages enemies within range when you die. Black hole can be toggled. Press "4" to suicide. (Not functional in gameplay)[*][B]Aim in any direction[/B]: Hold "z"[*][B]Dynamic Backgrounds[/B]: This experiment starts off in the Infinite Ocean, then turns pitch black, and then fades into a mysterious gas planet (inspired by the Darius games)[*][B]Flashlight[/B]: Press "f" to toggle[*][B]Upgraded Bullet Shooter and Multiple Weapons[/B]:
You can have up to 12 bullets on screen (This number is subject to change and can be altered when you switch weapons).
At the moment, there are ten of varying quality. To change weapons, go into " first method", find the method "BulletShooter.SwitchWeapon" and change the "Weapon" parameter to an integer from 0 to 9.[*][B]Muzzle Flash[/B]: Your ship has a muzzleflash when you fire.[*][B]New Enemy[/B]: The floating thing in front of you (Not functional, but its armor causes your bullets to ricochet off (mostly functioning correctly))[/list]==================================

If you do decide to change weapons, here they are:
0 - [B]Pea Shooter[/B]: Weak and useless gun
1 - [B]Heavy Machine Gun[/B]: Currently the default weapon.
2 - [B]Heavy Machine Gun Deluxe[/B]: Similar to HMG, but with slower firerate, larger spread, and huge bullets
3 - [B]Dagger Force[/B]: Laser Sword. Short range, and sword breaks up when rotating the gun
4 - [B]Sword Force[/B]: Similar to Dagger Force. Longer Range. Beam doesn't break up when rotating gun
5 - [B]E-Laser[/B]: Large energy shot. Slow auto-fire. Only 2 can be on-screen. Intended to pierce enemies (it doesn't at the moment)
6 - [B]Hyper E-Laser[/B]: Smaller energy bursts. Fast auto-fire. Huge Spread!
7 - [B]Ripple Laser[/B]: Large Sound Waves. Intended to pierce enemies, but do less damage
8 - [B]Wall Shot[/B]: Essentially an upgraded Ripple Laser. Sound Waves replaced with energy columns. Your shots are attached to the ship and move in an unbroken beam
9 - [B]Laser Shots[/B]: Used in recent experiments. Nothing special at the moment.

I'm not sure how resource hungry this thing is, but if it can run on my school's computers, it should be able to run on your computer! [SIZE="1"](hopefully)[/SIZE] :D

Tell me any suggestions, comments, or complaints you have!

[B]Sky Warrior has not been forgotten![/B]


x2495iiii 04-28-2012 01:26 PM

Glad to see you're still working on this. So far it's been excellent.

DensetsuNoKaboom 04-29-2012 04:55 PM

Looks awesome. I think a weapon that you can charge up would be cool. And for some reason the surface of the gas planet makes me think of [color=#e4eaf2]the final form of the final boss of [/color]EarthBound.

zero00 04-29-2012 09:23 PM

[QUOTE=DensetsuNoKaboom;48431]Looks awesome. I think a weapon that you can charge up would be cool.[/QUOTE]
Thanks! :D
I was actually intending for the player to charge the E-Laser weapon before firing it. Maybe I can get to that later...
[QUOTE=DensetsuNoKaboom;48431]And for some reason the surface of the gas planet makes me think of [color=#e4eaf2]the final form of the final boss of [/color]EarthBound.[/QUOTE]
(looks at game again)
I see your point...
I think I'll keep this background! :D
[color=#e4eaf2]I think it would better resemble Earthbound's final boss if it was red and black, and weird(er) sounds and music were going on in the background...
Edit: OMG I just turned it red. It looks just like the final boss... :0!!![/color]

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