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Originally Posted by pearcej View Post
Did you get this problem solved with running Alice 2.2 in Windows 7? I am having some related problems (See on my primary laptop.

I have tried all of the suggestions made here (except using Alice 2.0), and none seem to help.
I had a colleague running Windows 7 on the exact same hardware, the same version of the Java run-time environment, and the same anti-virus software. He had Alice 2.2 running on his laptop without difficulty, so I tried copying his entire Alice 2.2 folder to my laptop. It still did not work. Because I had a new install of Windows 7, I had very little software installed which might be in conflict.

Finally, I gave up, took the advice of another poster, and ran Alice 2.0 without trouble. But, I would sure like to hear an answer to this puzzle.
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