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Originally Posted by FredP View Post
Hello to all. I am a newbie here and could use help.
First, I don't see a button to "Post" a new message. Only a "Reply" button, which is hoe I got here.
Second, I'm in desperate need of help with a class project. I have 3 penguins, a nervous penguin, a stranger and a mother. If the stranger gets closer to the nervous penguin than the mother, the nervous penguin should react. I know how to make the reaction of the nervous penguin method. But I don't know how to determine which penguin is closest to the nervous penguin to cause a reaction.
Do I write an event or a method. Details are always good.
thanks so much, I really appreciate your help.
See the proximity functions belonging to the world. You can use those functions to determine the distance between any two objects, etc.

I believe that you can start a new thread by selecting the general category in the top-level Alice forum directory and then clicking the button labeled something like New Thread. I also had some difficulty finding that button when I first joined the forum.

Dick Baldwin
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