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Default Uploads to You Tube - 04-18-2008, 10:51 AM

This is one case I recommend the Dave Berry method - "Find a smart 13-year old and have him do it for you." (Anyone older is probably not up to date.)

If you don't have a 13-year old handy and don't want to adopt one, you might want to look at

It's always hard to tell just looking at the result, but I suspect most of the poor result quality on YouTube is because people didn't look at what they posted at the final (small) frame size and fairly fast frame rates. You have to do fairly severe compression to fit within the You Tube size limits - and this can do strange things. Far too many possible ways to screw up to list in anything short of a book - but ususally quite obvious if you look at the final result before posting. (The book listed in the posting is helpful - but I wasn't kidding about things going out of date rapidly.)
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