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Default 04-18-2008, 08:03 PM

I assume both of you are using a screen capture program. At least on my computers, and especially with large windows, the video will sometimes be displayed faster without the screen capture running than the screen capture program can actually capture. At other times, Alice seems to actually drop the frame rate if there is a lot of action to be displayed (not 100% sure on this).

In either case it often helps to go to the world level "seldom used properties" and set the speed multplier to a fractional value. Then speed the video back up in Movie Maker or another editor. Two nice values for the speed multiplier are .25 and .5 - since Movie Maker has a drag and drop 2X speedup effect.

Also be cautious of changing between frame rates - assuming you can control that - if the frame rates aren't integer multiples of each other. By Murphy's Law - the added or deleted frames needed for the rate conversion will be the ones that were most critical for a smooth animation (something that cost me an afternoon to discover the hard way).

As far as format conversions, if you are already in .avi format, you might just try using the Xvid or Dvix CODECs (the two most commonly recommended for YouTube) - or maybe even just uploading to YouTube directly and letting them work with the format. Any time you do a video compression you are going to loose some quality so you want to do as few of these as possible.

Also for John_Clark - I only suggested most people over 13 are out of date. You obviously are an exception - I'm not and I'm really glad to have you working on this problem.
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