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Resident Penguin - reviewed by Arty-fishL
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Post Resident Penguin - reviewed by Arty-fishL - 01-14-2012, 12:28 PM


- Its a penguin ... with a gun ... shooting zombies
- Sleek, informative HUD and pause menu
- Working pause menu
- Upgrades can be purchased
- Fast paced action
- Perfect atmosphere
- Gameplay is balanced well
- Option to play forever
- Addictive
- Good bullet collisions
- Non-glitchy animations
- Responsive controls

- Upgrades/Classes system can be confusing
- If you kill a zombie when it is very close it sometimes can still get you
- Occasionally zombies sponge bullets
- RPTrophies crashes after playing for a while
- Its not RP4 yet (or RP5 if you count RPTrophies as RP4)


This game is fabulous, a shining star from an Alice expert. First of all, the concept is genius; penguin - gun - unlimited ammo - zombies. That being said, a good concept isn't enough if it is used in a terrible game, but this game is the complete opposite, it perfects the concept with style - leading to a very addictive experience.
The game works well, with responsive controls, accurate bullet collision and error-free animations. It is balanced nicely too; not too hard, you can level up fairly easily, but not too easily, with deliberately limited turning speeds, vast numbers of zombies approaching from random angles and even alternative enemies.
Playing for a while does not get boring as there are options to change the way you play, new guns, upgrades, classes. The scoring system works well too. And if you get bored after that there is even a version in which you can earn trophies for achieving certain goals.

As for negatives, there aren't many. The upgrades and classes systems could be merged, or simplified as they are too similar and potentially confusing. The bullet collision, although very accurate, could still be improved; occasionally zombies randomly sponge bullets, especially when they are very close. Zombies sometimes even still get you when you kill them at very close range. Its not getting a higher rating until said improvements and more are implemented.


My advice would be to get RP4 out, I cant wait any longer. The ideas you have for it seem to make sense, with the improved menus and your recent consideration for changing the upgrades/classes system. Add to this perfect bullet collision and a working trophies system and you've got yourself a winner.


Awesomeness in a nutshell; bar the few hiccups and odd bug, it is a marvellously executed piece of work that I can't help drooling over.



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