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Placing Objects in World
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Default Placing Objects in World - 03-12-2009, 08:34 PM


I received a copy of the current beta version at the Alice Tea Party last week, and I have a couple of questions about placing objects into the world (no referred to Expand Scene Editor).

I no longer see the camera controls. Will these be implemented in the final release, or is there a different mechanism we should use to move the camera around so we can see what we're placing?

I also don't see the 3-D view option any more. I've noticed that to be extremely useful in helping students see that the plate the just placed on the table is, in fact, a few inches in front of and above the table. Is there a new way to help with this in the new version?

I'll keep exploring on my own, but if anyone has any answers before I do, that'd be great.


PS, I like what I see so far. The Alice team has done a wonderful job with this product!
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