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Default 12-19-2009, 08:56 PM

(Deliberately looking away from chris101b)

Is he done posting yet? I have to know when to stop ignoring....hoho

No really, I usually just read your posts and make a mental note of the progress you've made. I'm mostly waiting for the game itself, something i can waste a few hours playing instead of a few minutes testing.

I actually read every new post every day on the forums. That's my job as a moderator: making sure no one posts any spam, inappropriate content, or stupid requests for homework to be done for them.

I do the same thing for visitor messages, picture albums, and picture comments as well. Spammers love to posts dumb links to "ear mite removal for dogs" sites on their own profiles. (Also, I've learned that almost everyone whose name begins with an exclamation mark is a spammer. Weird, right?)

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