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Functions and If/Else statements are crucial to gravity.
Create an event, while the world is running. Then, place a low-poly dummy object at the feet of your character and vehicle the character to the object. Create a method. This is where the dummy object comes in. Select the dummy object, and create a variable to make it move down. Go to the functions tab of the dummy object and scroll down until you see "Distance above". Place that on the amount of meters to move down and select "Ground". A short briefing of what that just did:
While the world is running, dummy object (Character's vehicle) move down dummy object's distance above the ground.
If you want a platform, use an if/else statement in that, using various functions from selecting the world and selecting the dummy object:
If dummy object is above platform: Move down dummy object's distance above platform.
Else: Move down dummy object's distance above ground.
I hope this helps.

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