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[QUOTE=debussybunny563;42305]Alice world with a compilation of weapons I've converted. Sorry for holding this off for so long.

All of them, except for maybe 2 or 3, are high-quality with a good polygonal count (no blocky models). Almost all of them have nice textures as well.

Use them wherever you please.

I probably won't be taking model requests; I've somewhat fallen out of step with Alice.
If you really need something though, I might be able to whip it up on a weekend or holiday.

Comments are welcome. Enjoy!


There's a lot of objects, so there was a rendering issue that accounts for the lack of texture on some models.

[/QUOTE/]Im not sure if u mind but i used ur weapons to make a fps, Ive been looking for weapons like these cauz I dont know how to make them can u tell me so I dont have to keep looking around 4 a download. THX

P.S. how do u post a world? ._.
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