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Of course it's all possible.
In short terms, almost half of this is impossible without scripting, but with scripting you can do just about everything barring scaleform, which will make inventory very hard (But still possible)
Forging: The act of fusing two inventory items for a new one. This is done with combination tables or through a level range.
Leveling: Gain EXP points through various activities, and once a cap is reached, a level is gained. I recommend doing this by having the EXP requirement for leveling up calculated by math (So there is no upper limit) with the EXP as a regular variable.
Once you level up, typically stat points are automatically added on top of distributable stat points.
Respawnable enemies are just unrespawnable enemies that come back. The trick is getting Alice to stop detecting and therefore running dead enemies through methods.
Saving uses Arty-FishL's IO Tool to save variable data to a .txt file, and then reimports it to Alice where variable data is overwritten with the .txt file.

Working "Zombies" is AI. This is perhaps something you should learn elsewhere. I do not believe Alice has anyone that is particularly good at this.

FPS.. Everybody does them. You can choose a maker and take their style, though to date I am probably the only one who is close to making an FPS as close to the real games as it gets.
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