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Default 11-25-2007, 04:39 PM

With all due respect, and coming from some one who once wrote software for a living and who now is resolved to TEACHING as a result of a degenerative spinal cord condition, I must respectfully disagree with negative comments concerning the release of ALICE 3.0.

Whom amongst you have written/debugged/tested a 100,000-400,000-line code program? It's not easy. It takes time. Currently the code for ALICE 3.0 is being written by a multi-million dollar software conglomerate in California. They will release it when it is ready.

I dare say most of us have NOT written a 75 line program and spent 1-3 days fixing the bugs in it. Some have written a program in ALICE in 3 minutes, and it shows.

I feel confident it will be released when it is ready to be released.

Look at VISTA
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