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Separating the object in meshes
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Default Separating the object in meshes - 09-08-2011, 06:53 PM

I have a 2d object - more specifically a world map that I've downloaded from Google Sketchup. I noticed that COLLADA format comes divided by meshes (in this case, each mesh is a country of the world), and these mashes are also divided in many triangles...
My question is: can I put this 2d object (like when I "make billboard") into Alice separated by countries? I wanted to manipulate each country by mouse click, but first I have to have it in mashes...
I was trying to do something with meshlab (I saw the triangles and the mashes from there), but I'm not familiar with the program, so I don't know if I really can't separate the object there and import to Alice afterwards, or if it's because I didn't find how to do that in the program...
Any ideas?

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