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I assume these were made in Sketchup. I have never used sketchup, so I'm not sure how it works, however there are a few things you must remember to do when converting to .ASE. If you used smoothing groups at all, you must remember to save Mesh Normals, or at least that's what it's called in 3ds Max. You should also save Mapping Coordinates so they texture properly.
You also need to remember to center the object at the origin of the scene. It's a good habit for 3D artists to have, along with proper naming conventions. Try to zero out all of the coordinate points if that's the goal. If multiple subobjects are located at the first hierarchy level, then Alice will use the center of the scene as the pivot point. If there is only one, Alice will use that subobject as the center.

For alice-specific tips, this is a general guide. If you intend on making quality objects, it'd be best to follow the Alice Compatible Object model.

Edit: It'd also be good if you were to resize them beforehand to their appropriate sizes relevant to a single human model.
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