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Subpart detachment.
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Default Subpart detachment. - 07-25-2015, 01:51 PM

Originally Posted by lexihammonds13 View Post
I was able to create new methods, which made everything a lot easier. I'm still learning how to do everything so I'm still a bit confused. I read in another post that "turn at speed" as opposed to "move at speed" makes an object walk without having the legs detach from the body, so I will definitely use that next time. Does anyone know what websites show tutorials on methods like walking, raising arms, or anything else like that?
When working with an object's subparts, to make it look like it is walking for instance, the subpart can be turned or rolled without it detaching from the main object. So you want to make the leg and knee turn to make it look like they are bending while you move the whole object forward.
If the leg is moved forward it will stay "ahead" of the rest of the object when the whole object moves.
The other thing than can make a part "act up" is if the vehicle of the subpart (under properties) is changed to the world. It is this property that "attaches" the subpart to its parent.


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