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Originally Posted by Watsamax1 View Post
OMG I LOVE YOU it work it really works!!!!!!!! WWWOOOO:eek :!!! yeah! thank you. your getting on the credits. Im working no a dinosaur shoot em up. its kinda like Jurassic park/tomb raider 3/ my imagination. Question now is health. um like an attack. i plan on if near so many meters t-rex attack. Also cutscene i cannot figure em out.
Congrats, and by the way this whole thread is basically about the health system, so you can just look at previous posts to see what I told the other guy to do.

Also, for cutscenes you will have to create boolean variables like "canPlay", and you have to put EVERY method that you can do while playing the game in an "if(canPlay)" if statement before running each method, and drag the code for the method inside the if else statement (remember, EVERY method that allows the player to do something in the game, this includes moving, reloading, shooting methods, etc). You will have to create one of these if/elses for every method that is active while the game is played, but not the cutscenes. Have a the world variable "canPlay" set to true as the initial value (unless you want a cutscene in the beginning, then set it to false and put the code "canPlay = true" at the end of the cutscene). Then at every cutscene method (you will have to create a method for each cutscene and put the animation within that method), you will have to set "canPlay" to false as the first line of code (this will prevent the character from being able to move, shoot, reload, etc) and set "canPlay" to true at the end of the cutscene. Once you do this you should be able to control the cutscene without any interruptions from the player until the cutscene is over.

Tell me if this helped or just made you really confused. If you need help on the cutscenes themselves, that will be harder because that involves creativity, and you have to do that yourself (unless of course you want someone to help you create the actual cutscene to make it more realistic, but then it will not be created by you).

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