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GRAND THEFT AUTO Alice Version 1.3
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Default GRAND THEFT AUTO Alice Version 1.3 - 03-31-2013, 01:51 AM

GRAND THEFT AUTO Alice Version 1.3 is out!

Check out the first post on the first page to download.

New Additions-------------------------------------------------------------
Easter Egg(Hint:bluish white and taller than wide)
More Vehicles
More detailed City
Police Station
Other Things I Forgot

Fixed Police Chasing
Fixed Attacking In A Car
Removed Sniper Spot
Fixed Glitch Were The Car Would Drive Off Before The Car Started
Fixed Glitch With Changing Weapon
Other Things I Forgot

Current Alice Projects

WaVE fps engine
Inventory-------- NEED HELP WITH MY INVENTORY!!!!!!!!!-----------------------
GTA Alice

My Website

My Unity 3D Game

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