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The basic idea
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Default The basic idea - 03-04-2014, 08:55 AM

There are a couple of problems here.
The first one is that you are asking one question and expecting 4 answers. The simplest solution is to ask 4 questions. So the interaction might go something like:
rabbit say "Can you please give me exactly one dollar in change?"
rabbit ask "How many quarters do you have?"  
               quarters = <- User inputs a number
rabbit ask "How many dimes do you have?" 
               dimes = <- User inputs a number
rabbit ask "How many nickles do you have?" 
               nickles = <- User inputs a number
rabbit ask "How many pennies do you have?"     
               pennies = <- User inputs a number
Now you can add quarters * 0.25 + dimes * 0.1 ... to get the total and compare it to 1.

The second thing you need to deal with is that of variable types. At present you are asking for a string to be received from the user but you need a number or 4 numbers to be exact. The problem is that you cannot treat a string as a number, in other words you cannot add, and multiply strings. You could, using the Int() method, convert a string to a number but this is fraught with peril! In asking for a string you allow the user to type in whatever they want and if they type in something besides a number and you try to convert it your program will likely crash.
Side Note: A variation of this scenario is how most systems are broken into by hackers.
So the best way to get numbers in Alice is to use the "ask user for a number. The user can still mess up your program but it is not as easy. Some examples are:
  • The user can put in a negative number.
  • The user could put in a "real" or non-integer number.
  • The user might be able to put in an expression like 1.1*-3.
In general it is the programmers job to think of how the user could mess things up and try to exclude or correct them before the program goes south.

Mark Henwood
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