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Originally Posted by MrMoke View Post
The true can be replaced.
Click on World and then Function tab to view additional Boolean Logic, and Math, options that are available to you for making decisions. Just drag the appropriate test in over the true, drop it, and modify to your liking.

As mentioned in the text, you need to consider what condition requires a recursive call, what must be done before making the call, and what to do when that condition becomes false.

Since this project isn't a real-time simulation, the pendulum swing doesn't have to be a 1-second cycle, and the minute hand runs at twice the speed of a seconds hand.

The whole project takes only a small amount of coding, but a large amount of thought.
Thanks. I've coded the pendulum swing, clock face movement, and cuckoo already and have them working. My hang up is the what function to make true and recursive.
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