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Lab 2
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Default Lab 2 - 10-12-2016, 10:25 PM

I had a pretty hard time with this lab. Everything started off great and but I am not even sure I did the assignment how he wanted it to be done. I have a skeleton in a junkyard and he asks you to input a number. He jumps up and spins around that many times and comes back down. He asks you if you want him to do it again and then does it again if yes and says goodbye if no. When I explain what the program does it sounds like I did the assignment how he wants it but not sure if I did it the loop way he wanted it to be. I got stuck a couple times with getting my loops in the right spots. For a while when the answer was no my skeleton would just ask again and again and again. I finally found a way to get him to stop instead of using the loop I used While. I really hope I did the assignment the way the instructor wanted it to be. Anybody else get stuck in a continuous loop when you tried to end it? Things are definitely starting to get harder haha.
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