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Default Merge And Comment - 10-15-2016, 02:10 PM

Originally Posted by lucyrn99 View Post
Hi all,

This assignment was a struggle for me..
I created a string type variable for the 'yes or no' question.

After the object jumps and spins the first time, I have the user answer the 'yes or no' question, but my program does not work as expected after they answer the question.

I've tried the While statement, as well as the If statement, to say 'while or if 'yes or no' == 'yes', make the object jump and spin.
This hasn't worked.

A helpful Alice community member posted a reply to my issue:

I tried what he suggested, but still couldn't get it to work.. has anyone figured out how to make this work successfully?
Hi lucyrn99

First I merged this with the original thread as this is not really a new issue and all the information should be kept together.

That said, if you would kindly post a copy of your movie to date I would be glad to help you. It is impossible to go further without seeing what you have so far. In general there are multiple right ways to accomplish something in a program and an infinite number of wrong ways. Without knowing where you are at I can not help you much more.


Mark Henwood
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