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Thanks guys for that . The one thing that I don't understand is that he obviously got the movie from here (Where else would he have gotten it from) Why would he turn around and re-post it on here. And then why would he also comment on the thing right after posting it. It makes no sense. But thanks Dick for saying that my movie was the best world written. It means a lot to me. Thanks.
This is strictly a guess, but my guess is that he migrated to Alice from the Scratch forums where copying other people's code (called remixing) is encouraged. However, even there, when one person "remixes" someone else's code, they are expected to make improvements to the code, use the code for some other purpose, or something like that. They are not encouraged to just copy someone else's code as is and put their name on it.

I seem to recall that Scratch has something built in that makes it possible to determine if one Scratch program is simply an edited version of another Scratch program.

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