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Not quite.Here is basically what is happening:

The first two lines are header files the first being input and output(iostream) and the other(conio.h) which I use to close the program. Then we have the main()aka the main function, basically the engine of the program. Within the main function we have three lines of code. The first being an output were std::cout<< tells the compiler to use the standard namespace which is located in the iostream header file, to display the string, and then to make a new line(std::endl=end line). Next we have getch() which pretty much closes the program, and finally we have return 0. Since we have made a function not a variable we must return something(unless you make it a void) in this case 0. When the program is completed and was a success 0 is returned back to the main(), thus ending the program.

So in short we are declaring a function not a variable.

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