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Question 06-15-2011, 08:18 PM

Originally Posted by arty-fishL View Post
Well, its coming along (slowly), its in with several other things I'm doing.

Current project:
Making a file I/O tool for TauTrumpsPi

Currently developing side project for release to test features of Gloo out.
Need to finish side project before Gloo development can continue.
Need to finish the platform Gloo runs on before can release.

Gloo Platform - Arty-fishL Addons:
Still developing Addons platform, need to finish addons for it first.

Addons for Arty-fishL Addons:
Gloo - as above
Themes - basically finished, need to fix major bug (kind of stuck).
Texture Tools - just a basic menu, not nearly done.
Scripter - will not finish before release of Arty-fishL Addons.
AODBTB - requires new AODb to be finished.

New AODb:
In development, GUI almost finished, just need touch-ups. New features etc still being worked on.

So basically, what I can work on currently (without needing to finish other stuff):
Gloo side project.
New AODb.
File I/O tool.
A new game I've been making for a while (on and off periods of work).
Dang... How do you know about all of this programming?

-Me Goes to School, so maybe not on 24/7 xD-


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