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Originally Posted by Dj Tech42 View Post
I think Alice is a an amazing idea, but it just isn't implemented in the best way. Hopefully, Alice 3 will make everything better.

Things that should definitely be added are:
1.Collision Detection (Real, not workaround)
2.Saving to a file while running a world (text files, or even better, save the state of the world)
3.Option to have camera follow mouse movement (like in FPS, not dragging the camera)
4.Executable export
5.Better web export

These features would make it the ultimate free game creation tool.
1. Agreed, but they should only have cube, prism, and Sphere collisions. That would far reduce the amount of lag

2. Agreed, thank you Arty for solving this problem for me

3. You can do that, with a bit of programming with "mouse distance from left/right/top/bottom side" thing


5. Meh, I wouldn't use it, but I bet others would

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