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Some good news!
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Default Some good news! - 08-03-2011, 10:12 AM

Some good news!

Ridiculous Mode
When I removed the Juggler, I wondered if I have both bosses appear at the same time. Turns out I can!
Ridiculous mode will be returning! It's a little different this time, because your bullets don't go through multiple enemies like they did in Sky Warrior.

Training Area
I'm planning on making an area for beginners who haven't played the game before. In this area is a small drone that floats around the room. It won't shoot back and it will harmlessly phase through the player if they collide.

Movement Styles
I've also been experimenting with different ways to play the game.
Edit: These may or may not appear in the final game
  • Default Style
    Arrow Keys = Move
    Space = Fire
    Enter = Flip
  • WASD Style
    WASD = Move
    Enter = Fire
    Space = Flip
  • FPS Style
    WASD = Move
    Mouse = Fire
    Space = Flip
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