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Tuxedo Battle
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Smile Tuxedo Battle - 08-25-2011, 01:23 PM

This is a fighting game I made, it's the first game I've made with alice that isn't a flight sim...It's 2P, has working health, a timer, both players have 3 special abilities, Fire ball, super punch(series of quick punches), spin kick.
Theres animations for everything except for walking, at the moment you just slide when you walk, im working on a walk animation, i tried to make one earlier, but it didn't work well o.o

P1 Controls: W-Jump, S-Duck, A-Backup, D-Forward, Q-Kick, E-Punch, F-Fireball, C-Spin Kick, X-Super Punch.

P2 Controls: I-Jump,K-Duck,J-Backup, L-Forward, O-Kick, U-Punch, H-Fireball N-Spin Kick, M-Super Punch.

You have a time limit of 2min to defeat the other player.

The "Story"...You have a magical tuxedo that lets you jump high, shoot fireballs and more. You got in a argument with another guy who had a magical tuxedo about who's tux is the best magical tux. So you both decided to put your tuxes to the test to see whos is the best.
The winner has the best magical tux of all time :D

This game was made with Alice 2.0

How-To:turning on/off AI:
Find "when world starts do[world.AI]" and enable it for AI and disable for no AI.

V2.1- Added AI--

v2.2- Fixed crashing issue, fix fireball(now does dammage when it goes through the player), new lightweight health bars-

NEWST=>v2.3- Menus/Credits/More maps/MUCH better AI, and harder to beat o.o, Find "when world starts do world.AI" and disable/enable to turn it on or off--
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