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Default 08-31-2011, 07:35 AM

Uploaded a new version, has menus which are, credits,start, and map selection. I made 5 new maps so now you can choose a map after clicking start. The maps no longer have 3d objects in the background(fixed lag)...I made the maps with 3d objects, took a screenshot, did a little lighting tricks, and now i have some low-poly maps that look like normal 3d objects, but are just planes

I also have some problems with alice ocasionally freezing up while playing it, i don't know if it's just from my school laptop getting extremly hot(which happens all the time when using alice) and it being a old laptop, or if its the program...Can anyone test it and tell me if they have any problems with it freezing? Need to know if i need to change the code a bit...Going to be turning this in for my final exam soon.
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