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Originally Posted by reuben2011 View Post
Looks very promising. You probably already thought this through but make sure you don't allow:

-Objects to be their own parents/children. (Ex: You can't be your own mother or daughter.)
-Children to have multiple parents (this seems so sad )
-The child of the parent to be the parent's parent. (Ex: Your son can't also be your father.)
-Other "recursive" parenting

You could always allow some of these things above, (like multiple parents) but just make it clear for the user.
I like the way you explained everything.

Ive dealt with:
- same parent
- multiple parents (there's only one variable for this anyway)
- parenting of the camera (this shouldn't be allowed, it causes all sorts of issues)
- non-existent parents or children
- adding world as a child (this would really mess things up)
- parenting at a higher level than the world

I have not dealt with the "child of the parent to be the parent's parent" thing, so thanks.

The bugs I'm hitting right now are:
- When an object becomes a child it doesnt move to be a subpart of the parent. It just changes its icon to the child icon and becomes the parent's child, but it stays where it is in the object tree.
- When importing, the glued on children cannot be seen in the object tree, but you can click on them and get their properties etc.
- When automatically vehicling the objects glitch position and shape.


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