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Originally Posted by Dameria View Post
Wait a sec... so you are saying that it is actually possible to have a multiplayer game on Alice? By what you are saying, it sounds only like you can load scripts from what is saved on your computer, how can you set up a server online using Alice?

Does this mean that we could possibly create multiplayer games, like shooters, where we would all log into a server through Alice and be able to play against one another? How are you planning on sending a constant stream of information on the other person's computer as you play with them? Well anyway, if you do figure out how to get that part done, I would be glad to help with the game itself, I would just have to learn how the multiplayer works in order to write the methods.
Yah, Hero's ONLINE

Chat with your friends
Use a mic
Battle with many gun textures
Upgrade your player
10 Acheivements
Rank up to level 45

Its a must play game!

Yah that would be sweet but forget the chat part

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