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Originally Posted by King Gamer(gorit) View Post
With evryday our goal has seemed to look closer and closer. Each day I hae worked on this I have though of how the scripting can become compatible to a fast passed enviroment. Granted I have not created this script to the point where it is saving data continuisly at a high speed but I know how to now.
I just built two worlds from Zonedabones SAVEGAME world. World one you save the data and world 2 recalls what is saved evry tenth of a second. I added in timestamps to what is printed out so you can see the speed at wich it is recalled. To run this you need to open two copies of alice. the first copy runs the first world and second copy runs the second. You also need to play both of them with them both on the screen. when you are done pause the second world and look at what was printed. Lastly for the game jediaction there better be collision detection on walls because with out that people will just add radars in and go behind a wall and come out when someone is near. Also pertaining to the game is we will need to make a method that checks if the game code was modified.
P.S. I might not of made this post clear, tell me if I didnt
in the competition version of Hero's there is collisions. I might use th eone by Dameria i think with the cube and wall. Anyway, this is really good and yes, RADARS WILL BE ADDED!!!!!! THIS WILL BE THE BEST ALCIE GAME EVER

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