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Exclamation few questions - 09-25-2010, 05:28 PM

Hello, the first time I used alice was when I was in the middle school. The program was like foreign and i couldnt understand it so i always asked my teacher a few questions. Its been a few years back. Now I downloaded alice on my family computer and I dont really remember what to do and theres still some things im wondering about. So here are my questions;

Custom Items into Alice 2.2 -
I downloaded a few objects that I found on the forums and went to file, import and then clicked on the .a2w file and i get a pop up that says "No importer found to load file given type". How can i get past this?

Solid objects? -
Im also wondering if its possible since im making a FPS game. To make all objects solid. So I cannot walk through them when I am testing. Which ruins overall gameplay.

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