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HERO Mission 1 Remastered - Reviewed by Arty-fishL
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Default HERO Mission 1 Remastered - Reviewed by Arty-fishL - 05-14-2012, 04:26 PM


- Well designed scene
- Perfect atmosphere
- Spot-on animations
- Much improved GUI
- Well fitting music
- Great improvements on voice-over and SFX
- Nice set of customisations available
- Responsive controls
- No lag (as far as I can tell)

- Bullet collision doesn't see to work very well at all in the latest version, in previous versions it was OK, but still not perfect
- Can just run straight to the end without planting the bomb
- Not much action when on the snowmobile
- Quite easy, especially when compared to the real mission on MW2
- Too short


This game is a great representation of the high quality games that can be produced with Alice, when given time and a keen eye for detail. The animations, SFX and scenery make it feel like a true FPS, giving that "action" atmosphere. While the mouse aiming could be improved, the controls are generally responsive and well laid out. You definitely get the sense, when playing, that this game was developed by a true Alice veteran.
It accurately encapsulates the key ideas from the original MW2 Cliffhanger mission, but unfortunately fails to reach up to expectations in some areas.

In the latest version at least, the bullet collisions fails most of the time, making for a frustrating set of dying, before just deciding to Rambo into there and melee them all. The triggers for completion of certain stages of the mission are not designed very well, so you have to be a very honest player to not just avoid the objectives and go straight to the end.


Although this is a remastered version, there is still room for improvement. Unfortunately in the latest version I'm sure there is something wrong with the bullet collision, where the problem wasn't so bad before. Work on fixing the negatives, because there aren't many more positives that really need to be added to this game, it has enough already.


Despite its obvious negatives, this game is a must-play. A great example of some of the finest work from one of Alice's best users, but I cant see this getting a higher score unless the bullet collision and objective triggers are fixed.



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