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Default A Comment - 05-16-2007, 10:04 PM

Originally Posted by puzzler View Post
I need to use the "variable named" tile in order to access the variable of an object that has been passed in as a parameter.

Problem is, the "variable named" tile doesn't seem to work. No matter where I drag it, Alice won't let me drop it. How do I get this tile into my program?
This question, to me, illustrates the area where Alice documentation is completely lacking - namely there is no searchable technical reference document.

This seems like an easy question to answer - and also one that someone needing the answer shouldn't have to validate credentials as an "active teacher or considering using the textbook for a course" to have access to.

I've tried, however, for over 30 minutes to figure it out - without luck - and I have scanned all of the texts(3) I have and skimmed through Dick Baldwin's tutorials. (Note the last is the only one that is even searchable for key words.)

I haven't bothered to establish my "credentials" - but frankly I doubt it is on the site, which by its own definition "provides PowerPoint slides, sample labs with concept questions, demo worlds, and solutions to coordinate the textbook and the Alice software" - so the "ask the instructor" answer probably also wouldn't work - even if you have an "instructor" - unless they just happened to have found the answer on their own (please post it if you have).
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