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Then hear is your final review...



Great Music
Great Challenge
Very Creative
Impressive Graphical Presentation


Minor Bugs
Lack of game modes


92/100 by Chrome Games

I love the work you put into this game. The lives count on the player is very impressive and when you die, the character splits into four pieces. The funny quote at the end is funny to. I was excited when I first started the game and wasn't expecting your creative obstacles to be so creative. You really showed it and proved you can make a good dodge ball game. I was dissapointed though that there was only 1 game type.I can understand that anyway. The options help the game. The music volume bars was very creative and impressive also. A few bugs though like in the options menu you can still click start and you can die while still in the options menu. These are very small and don't detract the quality from the game. Overall, this is very fun and different from all your other games. This is probably your best and you did a good job on it. Despite the minor bugs and lack of game modes, this is very fun and should be played by all the members of the community. This game is a good finish off and is a good way to leave the community.

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