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More "Pickle's"
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Default More "Pickle's" - 11-06-2006, 06:17 PM

Originally Posted by Shadow Sovereign View Post
But I don't think I'm gonna even ask where you got that from, jim. LOL
After I even included Pickle's URL in case you wanted more of their artwork - I'm hurt. Some of their pictures are even more attractive than Michael Jackson or Orcas. For the record it is a real resturant about 10 minutes from my house where I often go for Sunday brunch - not something I made up.

Re artwork, I liked the art you posted - now understand the Shadow Sovereign name better, even though I still have trouble typing it. Is it your original art or did it come from a web site - and is the dragon an Alin Sand Dragon or some other kind? Also, what do you use GIMP for?
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