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Lab 3
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Unhappy Lab 3 - 07-25-2015, 01:09 PM

Oh....what can I say about this lab than I found it horrible.

It took me days to figure out how to make the counting mechanism worked. The example in the book about the cow was not really helpful. I had to do internet research to trying and get some level of understanding but I was still confused. Only by accident did my animation start picking up the ring amount. Then I had to modify the ringdrop method I had created because it was part of the problem. Here I am trying to be a bit creative and it is stopping my Lab from properly functioning. I am sooo over the rings but unfortunately there is another lab with the same rings.

My main problem is the book which does not do a good job explaining the things that it needs to. I feel like it assumes that I already know Alice aspects and that it asks me to do certain things that it did not go over. I need descriptive examples( each part broken down) and not only information on what the chapters cover but on programming project subject contents. I'm doing this without a programming background so I need details and the book totally lacks it.
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