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Default Help with Game - 08-07-2015, 12:38 PM

Hi All,

Working on my game project for class, and I'm experiencing a small snag. The game is a maze where a fairy has to pick up flowers within a certain time period. I haven't added the timer yet and still have to adjust some of the cameras.

To test it i suggest fast forwarding to the very end, as some of the stuff before isn't complete.

You can move the fairy with the arrow keys. When the fairy is within 1m of a flower it adds to the counter, and the flower moves down 2m. This way you can't pick up the same flower twice. The number goes down if you are within 1m of a cactus.

Strangely when I run this after I pick up 2 flowers it won't go further. If I decrease with a cactus, I can go up again. Somewhere in there i'm limited to counting to 2.

Can anyone see what might be causing this?

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