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Default 07-14-2011, 12:29 PM

"Firetrucking" backups dont work.I am raging hard...

Thanks for the post,Jedi.But i know even if i fix it it's going to happen again.It happened on the backups too.
I guess the "firetrucking" world just had too many methods...
It is my fault though.Instead doing a "chase" method on EVERY ONE of the ghosts i could have done it in one method.And since there were 10 ghosts (i was going to add zombies too) that means there were 10 methods just to get the ghosts to chase you,another 10 for the fading of the ghosts(when you click them) I had 2 or 3 methods that i just left without anything inside.Instead of renaming them and using them,i just made a new method,and another one...
Dont get me started on the methods of the player itself...

I aint quittin' !
I am remaking the whole engine of the game,made much better and im sure it will run much more smooth.

Yeah,thats my cat on the avatar.

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