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@Sfunk: I know quite a lot about how the human body is supposed to look like, after all, I am a pretty good artist. And yes, I have been watching as many tutorials as I can, I have been on the computer doing Blender for somewhere around 20 hours in the last 2 days. I have found that Andrew Price has some very high-end tutorials on his website However, most of his videos won't play on my school computer, so I can only watch the those on

EDIT: Sfunk, did you model your avatar?

@Fourbros: Maybe if I can, I'll try to make a Lego Universe tribute, but I would need help with textures. I'm also planning on making a game like Little Big Planet except with guns! Both of the games will be made in Blender, which I will then export as .exe files and then (maybe) post them here.

My avatar will always be a preview of what I am currently working on.

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