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Default 09-01-2010, 11:21 PM

Originally Posted by zonedabone View Post
You mean you hadn't gotten around to getting zone to gove his insight on the J's of jython.
Not necessarily. It's possible to make trophies/achievements in games with save/load scripting, they simply don't carry over from game to game.

And I already "gove" you credit, don't you worry zone.

Originally Posted by GoGators View Post
Who put Bacon, Coffee, and Eggs as tags for this thread? LOL

I do not have the latest version but I have never seen the "Penguin" eat breakfast in this world!
That was me. I get goofy sometimes.

I was thinking of a strong bad cartoon where he wanted to cover up a bad photo of himself, so he was like "Coffee, eggs, bacon! Whoops. Looks like we just made breakfast all over whatever that was a photo of."
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