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thanks guys
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Default thanks guys - 11-20-2006, 04:06 AM

hey, just wanted to say thanks, I have actually looked at that file regarding recursion, I dl'd it before, but still trying to understand how to code such a thing and where to start. With everything else going on at School, it is hard to just sit down and give Alice another 15-18 hours of time .. lol, sometimes the biggest thing is to just get started.. My instructor went over it slightly in class, but I feel he went to fast for my brain. He put in some recursion with numbers and generated some hugh number(still dont understand what he did, lol) But anyhow, A code that is done such as Fibonacci is hard to understand. If someone has a small code with recursion that I could look at, just a sample of how to start with it, or even how to start with my butterfly one, that would be great.. Peace to all...

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