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Ok, now I finished the game, with a total of exactly 200 kills. This is no doubt the best game I have ever played on Alice. It took me about 10 games to actually beet it, and it was really fun and really addicting. I love the lightning effects and also, a BIG plus for me is that it actually runs faster and with less lag than the version 2.0, while having a lot better effects!! I always got really scared when I faced the big zombies, but I found a cheep way to kill them easily.

Here are the good things about the game (and there are a lot of them):

I tried the MP5 and I really like the laser sight that I asked for! It really helps in finding out where exactly you are aiming, definitely worth the 50k points to get. Also I tried the Swashbuckle, and it is the cheapest gun, but it is also one of the most powerful. The others are good, and worth the money, but you can easily finish the game with just the Swashbuckle and all the power.

That brings me to the upgrades. At first, I only used the PK power because it was cheap and had great affects on multiple zombies coming too close. Then I used the other ones, and they came in handy, and I like almost every aspect of them (except for a few small things that I will get to later.) Altogether though, the upgrades are awesome.

I tried the night vision, and it gets rid of all the fog, and if you get this upgrade in the beginning, it will get rid of all your lag too! The bad thing is with less lag you are more likely to die because things go faster and it is hard to keep up (night vision better for later levels). The PK power is easily my favorite because of its affects, and almost tied with it is the Bullet-Time, which slows things down a lot, letting you think more without the choppy lag (I also love the effect of how the bullets from the pistol fall during bullet time, so cool and realistic!). Also the repel is good because you get 3 per level, but it is kind of hard to reach because you click Q with picky finger which is not as strong and hard to get to during quick-thinking situations (I'm not putting that in the bugs post though, because it is not too bad). And thats about it... Great Game!

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