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Alice 2.2B - very slow startup on school network.
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Default Alice 2.2B - very slow startup on school network. - 09-13-2011, 07:08 PM

I teach in a high school setting and upon returning to the classroom after our summer break, Alice is taking 4 to 5 minutes to startup on all 30 computers. Alice started very quickly before the break.

My home computer, in the same community, is starting Alice in 10 to 20 seconds. Obviously on my Cable network connection, not the school's network connection.

The school computers are running Windows 7. The latest version of Alice 2.2B is installed. I even tried rolling back the version, but still had a very long startup time. Java is updated.

My question, does Alice make any connections to the internet during startup? My initial guess is that some connection is not being made (or is being blocked) and this is slowing down the initial startup as Alice tries to make a connection somewhere.

Any suggestions or solutions would be appreciated.
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