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Putting things in Rooms and Buildings
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Question Putting things in Rooms and Buildings - 01-04-2010, 04:03 PM

Originally Posted by dubastot View Post
For this, you can go to the environments tab and select the building inside you want. There are stairs you can just drag into the building inside. I am niot sure whether you should use the actual buildings because their insides aren't painted and they may not be hollow.


Thanks for your input.
I have not personally found any staircases in the local gallery list under environments or any other category.

And, you know how when you run through a building from outside and you think it will have something inside? Well I just end up on the other side of the building after say, crashing through a window, or entering a doorway.

Do you just stack empty rooms on top of each other, then add an outside building structure on top of it?
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