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I think Alice is great, it has soem very lacking elements though and I would hate to have to use it for my school:

A. Because the teacher would be instructing me how to use a program that I could make games with when I was 12

B. Becuase I'd rather be learning something more productive, like acual Java. Sure, I already know Java, but I could probably get in an advanced class of some sort and learn more

Originally Posted by Dj Tech42
They should improve Alice so there isn't enough reason to hate it. It's mostly because of how buggy it is most of the time.

Alice with mods can be pretty awesome, though. Although, I still can't get the save to file object working
I think that people would 'Hate' it because they'd rather do something besides sitting on the computer and doing something they don't understand/care about. They might want to watch TV, play video games, or play sports. It's great that people get to use this program and all, but it'd really suck to have a time limit on when to finish a project.

I'd rather do it on my own time on what I want, and have it be my choice to do it, no the schools. Man, people 'rant' alice more on youtube comments:

Originally Posted by randomyoutubeguy
**** you alice you *****
totally unessecary. It was the comments of somebodys alice project....
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