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Here are the answers for most of your questions:

1. You can do this with poses. Click the green "add objects" button, select "effect subparts," then have a doTogether where it goes to one pose while moving in the desired way. For an example, use a hebuilder or a shebuilder, who come built-in with walk, jump, and many other methods.
2. Drag a turn to face onto your method, create a parameter, make it an object, and say "turn to face" your object parameter, then later the object will turn to the specified object.
3. There is a play sound method in each object's details pane. You have to supply the sound, though, and it only takes .wav sounds.
4. Just have the two objects moving in a doTogether.
5. Drag in a doTogether, then put a doInOrder in the doTogether, and when you want it to do something together, it goes OUTSIDE OF THE INORDER.
6. This varies in each program.

Tell me if these help and I may work on some worlds!


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