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Originally Posted by Sophie View Post
I find that option only works on World/scene. On the "Ground" I see
"this (a.k.a. grassyGround)" in the left panel, and "this" in the code panel. In fact (take with a grain of salt, please ... I've just been at this a few days) some things in 3.0 seem to add syntactical noise from concrete Java syntax without much apparent benefit.

Is this forum a suitable way of getting feedback / suggestions back to the development team?

[And thanks, DrJim, I even thought Add procedures/functions was missing until I saw your post!]
Sophie the Java reserved word 'this' does remain on this(a.k.a.scene) but it is removed from all of my other objects, including grassyGround and any new objects that I add. And since I'm not sure what to do with this(a.k.a.scene) then I can live with it remaining on the screen. I have the Set Locale --> English(United States).

As far as '...syntactical noise' I'm waiting on the Netbeans plugin to really see what can be done with Alice 3.0. (I saw Dennis Cosgrove talking about it in a film clip from the JavaOne conference.)

Also I think this is the forum for this type of constructive comment about the new Alice. Gabe seems to be monitoring it well. We all just need to remember the current release is under heavy construction at the moment.
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